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FireFly is the new BASS and MELODIC concept inspired and created by the Swiss multi-platinum producer “Jay Fase”. After a prolific career in the French urban music industry, he started focusing his attention towards the FireFLY project.

Supported by the author/composer Seb in the process of production and the author/composer Mark as the vocalist (graphic designer of the group); The strength of this network relies in their autonomy and their capacity to quickly deliver good music and visuals.

Thanks to their rich individual experiences in the music field the group works as a versatile team in the studio. The composers, authors, singers, music engineers, graphic designers and video clip directors collaborate to create FireFly as the generation of artists that “touches a little of everything”. Capable of bringing a complete and innovative universe to a ceaselessly evolving audience.

Every composed title is a musical hit along with a unified concept, which can be manifested into an image and propagated at will. In addition, on stage, which is taken very seriously by the group in its whole, FireFly can interact as a set of Dj’s (Electro or Trap) but also as a real live group: Jay in the keyboard, Seb at the console and Mark on the microphone! This combination of artists is capable of captivating their audience with entertainment brilliant in colours, emotions, and powerful music.