FireFLY x Los Scratchos – THE MIXTAPE

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s main event featuring for the first time 2 of the world’s most infamous fighters.
In the right corner, hailing from Mexico City, weighing 595 pounds, winner of 587 fights, all by way of knock out, the undefeated 25 times heavyweight champion of the world : Los Scratchos !
And in the left corner, his opponent, hailing from Lausannegeles, weighing 490 pounds, winner of all of his 693 fights, the notorious 34 times heavyweight world champion : FireFLY !
Gentlemen, may the best man win. Let’s fight !

ROUND 1 Los Scratchos : 1min29 – 22min

ROUND 2 FireFLY : 22min – 42min

ROUND 3 Los Scratchos : 42min – 1h02min43

ROUND 4 FireFLY 1h02min43 – 1h23min15



Who’s Win??? Let us know with a comment, Like and repost


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